How We Work

In order to bring out the best in our people, we work in accordance to Aeria Games’ six Corporate Company Values: Integrity, Teamwork, Result Orientation, Entrepreneurship, Adaptability and Development. We continuously strive to improve our working culture and make our company a fun, creative, and enjoyable place to work. This commitment is reflected not only in our values, but in our actions.

We attach great importance to transparency and authenticity in how deal with each other on a daily basis. By sharing information and collaborating across our teams, departments, and offices, we endeavour to ensure we are prepared for the journey ahead in a fast growing market, so whatever the future may bring, we are positioned where we want to be; at the very top.

We focus on supporting and developing employees whilst giving individuals the freedom to make decisions and drive Aeria forward. We look for and encourage a strong entrepreneurial spirit in all our people and believe that the Aeria’s strength lies in realizing the potential of individuals in an atmosphere where they are free to create opportunities, experiment, and innovate.

To maintain adaptability, we have to be nimble and move fast. Therefore we plan our actions, act accordingly, assess the outcomes, and adjust where necessary. We never want to settle but instead always try to find new ways and make the most of each situation.

Our philosophy is centred around employee mentoring, learning, and development to sustain continuous improvement and achieve personal and professional goals. To underpin our focus on results we promote recognition of performance and rewarding our people's efforts. We want to enable everybody to be the best he / she can be!